We are a tactical Incubator for startups that want to quickly implement renewables and solve regional go-to-market problems
Global Manufacturers + Local Entrepreneurs + Mentors + Venture Capital = Solutions
We bring together global manufacturers, local entrepreneurs, mentors, governments, and investors

What is the problem with renewables?

Many companies have created renewables technologies, and many governments are mandating their use.

But installing and operating renewables systems has a range of challenges, including many that are specific to the region.


The Power of Our Network

Our network is a powerful combination of global manufacturers, local entrepreneurs, and governments.

Global Manufacturers

We work with manufacturers anywhere in the world who want to expand into new markets.

Local Entrepreneurs

Local entrepreneurs provide intimate knowledge of the go-to-market challenges and hands-on implementation of solutions.


Governments are at the forefront of initiatives and laws for renewables. Working with these governments ensures compliance with laws and awareness of all the opportunities.


Industry and scientific leaders help our entrepreneurs quickly overcome hurdles and pick the optimal path for succcess.


Access to both short term capital, and long term relationships allows our entrepreneurs to focus on solutions.

Join us!

Are you a global manufacturer that wants to sell into the U.S. and California? Or maybe an entrpreneur that is excited to deploy green infrastructure?

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